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The Extra Strength formula containing 
Apple Cider - Green Tea Extract - MCT Powder


Transforms Fat Into Energy
When your body goes into Ketosis you will burn your stored fat to produce energy instead of carbs.
Boost Metabolic Rate
Lose weight much faster thanks to the 3 powerful ingredients in these unique Keto pills that boost metabolism
Appetite Suppression
Contains effective appetite suppressing ingredients that will reduce cravings 
More Fat Burning Ingredients
KETO Advanced Weight Loss Pills now with added fat burning ingredients like Green Tea Extract & Apple Cider powder. 
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Burn fat fast - suppress appetite - increase energy

Please Beware of Fake Keto Pills sold online
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What is Keto Diet Pills

Are you unable to kick-start a weight loss? Or find it difficult to follow a strict diet? Then we have just the thing to help you lose weight without putting in that extra effort, These Advanced Weight Loss pills have been designed specifically to help you not only lose those extra kilos but also maintain the weight loss without the hassle of a strict diet or exercise. 

Keto Advanced diet pills is an advanced formula designed specifically to help your body to boost its process of weight reduction. These slimming pills also contain extra fat burning ingredients like green tea extract and apple cider powder to speed up the weight loss process.

Inducing a metabolic process that helps your body burn fat — specifically at areas where fat is the hardest to get rid of. This fat burner is ideal for anyone seeking to successfully manage their weight and melt body fat. You can trust that you are getting the most out of the supplement to get your body into fat-burning shape.

Keto Pills Reviews

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"I bought these slimming pills to help me lose weight, and it's been doing an amazing job. I feel great and have had increased energy. In addition, I've managed to lose 16kg since I started taking this 3 months ago. This has really been helping me suppress my appetite keep my energy up."  

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"I'm so happy I finally found a weight loss product that works. i did not diet or exercise just reduced my sugary food and i started seeing results faster than any other diet pill i tried before. Everyone has been asking me how im losing weight so fast :)" 

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"Best keto diet pills i have tried! I’ve definitely felt less cravings and increase in energy which has helped me move towards my weight loss goals! I will definitely be ordering more and would recommend to anyone looking to suppress appetite, boost energy and weight loss without strict dieting!"  

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Cape Town

"This is an amazing slimming product!! Loosing the weight nicely. Taking these helps you get into fat burning mode real fast! Making a huge difference on how i look and feel." 

Real Customers, Real Reviews, Really Works!

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Join Thousands of people who are losing weight fast

What is Keto?

It is when you body begins to burn excess fat for energy instead of using carbs. This may take weeks to achieve and is not easy to maintain for most people.  This is where the Keto Diet Pills makes things easier. The weight loss capsules helps you burn fat much faster and can help keep you there so you continue to burn fat without much effort.

Burn Excess Fat -  its now easier to burn that excess fat instead of burning carbs from your meals.
Turn Fat For Energy - The tablets will make your body turn to your fat for a energy source
Enjoy The Benefits of -  Suppressed Appetite, easier weight loss, slower aging, better sleep and mood, higher energy levels.

How does Keto Pills work?

how keto pills work

The most talked about weight loss pill is finally here. A 3x more powerful fat burner that produces an instant fat burning solution the natural way. The proven fat burning ingredients start processing in your body resulting in energy and greatly speeding up weight loss by putting your body into a fat burning state.

The powerful added ingredients like BHB, Green Tea Extract, and Apple Cider Powder are the reason why this item is so amazing. The best part about this product is that these are all natural fat burning elements. And for that reason, you will find that there are no side effects of these diet pills.

So get ready to join thousands of KETO fans and lose weight effortlessly.

Reduce cravings and suppress appetite
Use your fat for energy
Lose weight without strict diet or exercise
Boost Metabolism so you burn fat easily
Helps you look and feel good

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BHB Salts
Green Tea Extract
Apple Cider Powder
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Start Burning Fat Easy
Suppress Appetite
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Remove Unwanted Fat
Suppress Appetite
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Reach Weight Loss Goals
Suppress Appetite
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Keto Pills Safe?
Yes these slimming capsules contain only natural ingredients like Green Tea Extract and Apple Cider. There are no side effects.

How long will delivery take?
Delivery usually takes 1-3 work days to your door. Prices include delivery within South Africa only.  

Keto Pills side effects?
There are no side effects but some get the Keto Flu for 1-2 days while your body turns to burning fat.

How to take Keto Pills?
Its 2 tablets a day with breakfast

Can i get these Keto Diet Pills at Dischem or Clicks?
You cannot get the Keto Advanced at Dischem or Clicks as there is limited stock. 

Are these pills similar to Ketovatru or Keto Weight Loss Plus:  These pills contain BHB, Green Tea Extract and Apple Cider which helps burn fat faster. While Ketovatru, Keto Weight Loss Plus and most other Keto pills only contain BHB.